Five Simple Ways to Increase Contact Ratio

A higher contact ratio combined with correct leads will automatically improve your business outcomes

With rising competition, unpredictable customer behavior and falling brand loyalty, it is becoming increasingly tough for companies to attract and retain customers. Apart from ensuring excellent customer service at all times, one has to proactively reach out to customers, win their confidence and deepen customer relationships. Successful contact centers not only make extra efforts at understanding customer behavior, but they also continuously update their approach to customer management with changing customer expectations.

The efficiency and effectiveness of a contact center ultimately depends on how well it is able to increase the sales volume of an organization. It is often seen that even after making innumerable attempts at calling, contact agents are not able to achieve the expected results. Therefore, companies need to focus on improving their contact ratio and maintaining it at a reasonable level to ensure successful business outcomes.

Apart from achieving the ‘correct’ contact ratio, it is also important to ensure that the correct leads are contacted and converted into sales results. A high contact ratio combined with correct leads can go a long way in increasing your sales leads and ensuring business success. Here are some suggested ways to increase your contact ratio:

Use of Advanced Dialing Logic: Use a comprehensive dialing solution that is built around advanced dialing rules which include Time-based attempts, Number-based attempts, Maximum attempts and Day-wise attempts. This will improve your call efficiency by lowering the wait time, the number of dropped calls and the idle time of agents.

Predictive Dialer: Automated dialing solutions can be configured in a way that can improve dialing efficiency. For example, the system should be able to identify which group to call or which agent to divert a connected call to. These decisions are based on various factors such as the approximate duration of a call, the number of agents available, the number of connections, etc.

Maximizing Call Reach: Outbound calls should be made after a process of critical evaluation to maximize the reach of a campaign. Calling multiple lists or groups at the same time also increases the reach of a campaign within a given time frame. The dialing solution should be flexible enough to allow independent decision making and automation of campaigns across wider markets and multiple time zones.

Use of Skills-Based Call Routing: Customer calls must be managed or routed in a way that they receive a quick and satisfactory response to their requirements. Skills-based routing can be used to reduce unnecessary call transfers and ensure maximum utilization of every call opportunity.

Call Monitoring, Persistency and Responsiveness: While the selection of a good dialing solution increases call effectiveness, it also has to be supported with efficient internal call handling processes. Live call monitoring and coaching can be applied to improve these processes. Simple factors like calling time, call duration, response time and ability of the contact agent to connect and engage with customer have to be monitored and improved continuously.

While all the above factors are important to increase the contact ratio, finally it depends on the calling executives and their ability to translate the business goal or vision of an organization. A contact center must aim at developing a customer strategy wherein they are able to deliver value to the customer in each customer service process or activity that is performed.

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