Five essentials features of a robust Outbound Call Centre Software

Call centres are probably one of the toughest environments to work in with a constant challenge of irate customers and agent attrition. Dealing with frustrated customers, strict schedules and sky-high expectations don’t make things any easier!

In fact, working in an outbound call centre is a much trickier proposition than an inbound one. While customers make the first point of interaction in an inbound call centre, your agents are the first ones to approach the customers via the outbound process.

While there are a number of factors that go in securing the success of your outbound call centre, there are certain important features that your outbound call centre software must have to make your process successful and robust.

#1 Call Centre Dialer

A call centre dialer is one of the best tools to have if you have to make lot of outbound calls. It can effectively improve agent productivity and make your outbound process quite streamlined.

A progressive dialer helps you enable a list of phone numbers that can be called simultaneously. This system saves you time as it prevents callers to wait till the time a call is answered. A predictive dialer automates calling from your system but it filters out calls that got busy signals or no answers. A preview dialer lets you preview details about the particular contact before you dial. This helps you preselect the leads you want to call and prioritize.  

Irrespective of the type of call centre dialer you choose, pick one that suits your line of operations the most. You could also choose a mix of dialers if you have a supportive platform to benefit from them all.

#2 In-built CRM

This one of the most important features of an outbound call centre software. It simplifies an outbound agent’s work considerably. With an in-built CRM, agents can view a particular contact’s profile details, previous call information and interaction recordings, voicemails, support tickets, cases and much more in one interface. This helps in better collaboration and organization among outbound team members.

When you have your outbound call centre software integrated with these business tools and CRM, you are on the right track. However, you must ensure that all of these business tools have updated information. Your software should facilitate importing/exporting list of leads and customers and enable you to work around with the customer information within your system with synchronization.

#3 Reporting & Quality Analytics

This is an essential feature for any kind of call centre software. Having a system in place that gives you real time insights regarding agent performance and enables you to scrutinize other important metrics is a definite keeper! This feature also helps you take better decisions pertaining to resource allocation and campaign management. Supervising call distribution, call centre reporting metrics and customized reporting becomes easy and intuitive.

Call center wallboards give you a bird’s eye view of all detailed activities happening in your team and helps you with real time statistics. With detailed analysis, it becomes easier to implement measures to assess and improve quality of agent performance as well as operations.

#4 Speech Analytics

Interaction with customer with regards to an outbound call centre focusses on building customer interest. A speech analytics tool is a sophisticated system which helps you ascertain customer’s interest level. It carefully analyses customer’s voice and communication to identify whether or not they meet business criteria. For instance, whether they are genuinely interested in what is being offered or merely being polite with no intention of buying.

While these systems are not 100% reliable, many call centres have used them to identify promising leads and new prospects.

#5 Integrated Business Tools

An outbound call centre thrives on data. A software that integrates with third party backend applications is an effective tool to fed data into the call center software. This automation directly pushes the data either directly from the website or from the running backend applications. These tools helps agents have comprehensive data at one interface to ensure smooth working and empowers the system to never miss a customer.


Final Thoughts

The aforementioned features should be a definite must in any outbound call centre software and toolkit. These features make your process robust, scalable and comprehensive which help in establishing better quality in agent performance and existing systems.


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