Factors to take into account for better Contact Center Solutions

A contact center is the first point where all customer enquiries are handled.  Small and large corporations and organizations know that handling customer’s inquiries quickly and effectively is crucial to boosting their sales and retaining their customers. A lot of corporations have found themselves in the wrong side due to poor customer service.  This is why it is important to ensure that your customer contact channels are updated on a regular basis. The following are important tips you should always take into account if you need to transform your contact center.

Hiring qualified staff
Hiring qualified staff in your contact center is one of the things that will greatly improve the performance of your contact center.  The people handling customer queries should have the necessary training to effectively respond to clients queries.

Training your staff is the other alternative you can opt for if you are not able to hire qualified staff. Training your existing staff will help to improve their communication skills while at the same time boosting the customer’s satisfaction. Offering incentives will also go a long way in motivating the employees to provide better results.

Consider outsourcing to reduce your overhead costs
Outsourcing is one of the commonly used channels to get qualified and experienced staff. If you feel that you cannot be able to hire call center staff due to the huge overhead costs you may incur, it’s time to outsource this service.

Contemplate hiring mobile agents
One way of greatly improving the performance of your call center is by using mobile agents. A lot of companies are opting for mobile agents since this does not require any form of expansion.  The virtual agents use a home phone or a soft phone with a broadband connection.  These agents will help you expand your contact center without worrying about extra real estate costs and space.

Consider hiring a Work Force Management service
A work force management vendor is a great way to manage your contact center staff.  Hiring a work force management vendor will help you address quality issues effectively thus improving the quality of your services.

Develop a business contingency plan that will shield you from unforeseen events
Nature can bring along lots of surprises and knowing that your contact center has been shielded from these risks will give the peace of mind. Several contact center vendors offer redundancy to their clients in order to mitigate unforeseen events that could render your contact center useless. Having this plan will help you to operate your center without worrying of what might happen next.

Invest in call recording
Are you suspecting that your call center agents may be rude to customers but you have no evidence about it? Investing in call recording will help you determine the key areas that need improvement. Call recording will also help increase your customer’s satisfaction as they will be at peace knowing your company values quality communication.

Segment customers using IVR options
Improve the routing of your IVR options to match the right customer to the right agent – this will undoubtedly improve customer satisfaction as the customer will be speaking to a skilled agent who is able to respond to their queries.

Self Service IVR
The right IVR and self-service solutions improve the efficiency of your contact center by reducing call volume and giving agents more time to focus on interaction. Nothing is worse than having to repeat oneself, especially in the same call, when jumping from self-service to live service. The awareness around the need to provide continuity to avoid repetition has recently grown, which led to the introduction of new technologies that help you track the customer journey.

Improve the agent desktop
Take a look at the agent desktop. In the majority of cases this is a complex environment that leads to excessive agent training needs, increased levels of agent frustration and thus turn-over, increased average call handling times and, worst of all, customer frustration while they wait for the agent to resolve their issue. There are products on the market now that can  revolutionize the agent desktop to make it more interaction-handling centric and remove the need to directly access business applications, and can even recommend what the agent should do next.

Real time monitoring to maximize results
Knowing exactly what is going on in your contact center, what transpires between your customers and agents during the call, and how well your agents adhere to compliance and quality guidelines is critical to long-term success. But knowing what went down during a call AFTER the call has ended doesn’t give contact center managers the ability to intervene or take action while a call is still ongoing. However, with real-time call monitoring managers and agents can act, not just react.

Most of these tips are related to having better technology at hand. Investing in a good contact center solutions that is robust and scalable is the need of the hour.

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The scalability of InterDialog UCCS ensures that the solution is future proof, it grows with your growth.

Written By Tushar Madan,  Teckinfo Solutions Pvt.  Ltd.

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