Dedicated Software Solution for Insurance Vertical to Streamline Sales Process

The entire Insurance industry is based on a fine thread which works the balance between the organization and the customers. Tip it either ways and pandemonium is sure to follow. With the huge growth spurt that this industry is currently going through, one of the key aspects of being able to maintain this balance – SALES, presents some of the highest challenges ever.

First off, we need to understand what SALES entail for Insurance companies. It involves reaching out to the existing customers and widening the customer base. This is called Lead Generation and can prove a challenge if the customer base is already very large or if the organizational approach isn’t yielding proper results. It is important to note here that the manner of Lead Generation also changes with change in the targeted geographical area.  The wide variety of techniques required for this process makes it a very expensive one.

In addition, having a completely customer centric approach poses a challenge when it comes to tracking payment histories, allotting the right kind of agent for a customer segment to improve rapport and to have high efficiency in handling sensitive data, especially that of customer accounts.

To assist in streamlining the Sales processes and countering growing costs, Teckinfo has effected InterDialog UCCS as a solution to be integrated into existing systems to work its magic.

The InterDialog UCCS can be installed into their Outbound Contact Centres to enhance business as well as efficiency. It actively works for Lead Management, Distribution and Priority Assignment. It allows Registration and Recording of Agent as well as Supervisor Calls, among other features. Teckinfo has also successfully implemented Online Monitoring and Customized Reporting functionalities within this solution.

What does the InterDialog UCCS do for you?

  • Collection and calling areas are automatically allocated to tele-callers and field staff based on city, area, pin code, etc. Automatic PTP distribution to field staff is also possible via area mapping.
  • Leads are distributed among various tele-callers by tracking their performance and availability along with lead attributes like Area, Due Date, etc.
  • High priority leads are ranked up to 10 and are always allotted for outbound calling to supervisors.
  • Leads are tracked and pursued on basis of field feedback.
  • Lead histories are maintained by way of customer accounts, tracked via customer IDs. All related information is recorded via customer feedback.
  • Agent and Process Productivity Monitoring.
  • Several channels for one-on-one communication with customers are provided as well. For example, email, sms, chats, etc.

Written by Prashant Tiwari, Teckinfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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