Chatbots & its role in customer service

In customer service, the primary objective is to keep customers happy and resolve their problems at the earliest. With the evolution of technology in contact center industry, the customer contact is now not only restricted to voice but other non-voice channels like email, live chat and social media. Out of these chat is a channel which is always considered as the quickest mode for accessing information because of being easily accessible at all times to the customers. As the technology continues to evolve the chat has been empowered with Chatbots.

Chatbot is no longer an incog term in customer service. Contact centers are turning to the software technology with AI and machine learning so that human- like experience can be given to customers using automated tools like Chatbots. To decrease the human intervention for routine and repetitive tasks that too without compromising the quality of customer service, Chatbots are deployed.

Why Chatbots?

In a report by eMarketer, more than 25 percent of the world’s population will be using hand held messaging apps by end of 2019. Customers nowadays expect anytime & anywhere access to information they require and they want it really quick using messengers. Chat bots can easily provide an exceptional customer experience by sharing the relevant information 24×7.They are considered as the self-service portal to customers for accessing information on the go.

Chatbots Misconception

Chat bots are not deployed as a replacement to human call center agents. They are implemented to work alongside agents to assist and augment the service delivery. Chatbots are majorly used to drive away the traffic of the repetitive & routine queries. Such kind of traffic does not require the human intervention

Use of NLU

Chatbots are efficient enough to answer the simple queries quickly as compared to humans but they cannot predict the intent of the customer which can be easily anticipated by a human call center agent. To humanize the Chatbot experience, they are now powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP empowers the Chatbots to understand the customer query even if queried with different intents in jumbled texts.

How Chatbots Changed the customer experience

Chatbots incorporated with NLP not only perceive the intent of the customer but can analyse the next query coming forward. This analysis is made on the basis of the keywords to answer the incoming complex queries. In return keyword analysis shares the vital information which can be used to humanize the conversation and even can be used for marketing strategies in future.

Empowering contact centers with Chatbots along with the human call center agents saves the customer time , thus enhancing the overall customer experience. To know more about NLU enabled Chatbots please wr