Call recording & monitoring is essential for consistent customer service in your call center

Call recording and monitoring is a very common practice for the contact centers. But do you wonder why it is done and how it can be used for consistent customer service? Before figuring out the need and the use lets first understand this essential feature.


What is call recording?

Call recording is the process in call centers to capture voice logs of each and every call whether inbound or outbound. These recording are done on the basis of the campaign requirements. In certain processes complete conversation between the customer service agent and the customers is recorded where as in some contact centers,  they provide the rights to agent to manually start and stop the recording. These files are recorded and stored on drives which can be easily accessed by the supervisors for quality monitoring.

Why calls are recorded in call centers?

“This call may be recorded & monitored for quality purposes” is a very common greeting for the customers before their  calls are transferred to agents. This disclaimer is self-explanatory for the purpose of call recording. Calls are primarily recorded to improve the performance of the contact center, as these voice logs later can be used for coaching what to say and what not to in  any specific call or situation. But in some of the industry verticals call recording is mandatory, e.g. financial institutions need to record all the customer transactions, including the conversation so that it can be used for dispute resolution while in e-commerce business it is required to record sales verifications. Apart from this primary purpose, Call recording empowers the contact center in several ways. Some of them are listed below-

Know your caller

The conversation between the customer service agent & customer is very vital. The agent need to be polite while opening the conversation, maintain the voice intonation throughout the call and provide quick resolution to customer queries. All these checkpoints can only be taken care of with the help of call records by listening to them and by understanding  the intent of the caller. These records can also be used to upsell or cross sell with the item related to his previous inquiry.

Quality Assessment

Quality analyst listen to these recordings to tag the conversation. It is a common practice in contact centers to tag each of the recording with the tags of excellent, good or bad. Quality analyst closely monitor these recordings for rating the agents and to understand the problem areas. This definitely helps in spotting the key problem areas and how  these can be improved, this ensures the augmented call quality.

 Agent training

Mood of the customer cannot be predicted. If he/she is in good mood, they will talk about many things but in the other scenario it depends upon the intelligence of the agent to handle the situation. Such recordings can be used to improve the sales and even can be utilized by the trainers to train the new recruits.

Call recording is an integral part of call center software through which multiple goals can be achieved in customer service. If you are facing an issue on a call and want to resolute ASAP or for easy deployment of your new team ready to hit the calls, all can me smoothly handled with Call recording.

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