An Intelligent ACD System Enhances Contact Center’s Performance

An Intelligent ACD System Enhances Contact Center’s Performance

Many a time we witness contact centers struggling to keep up with customer call inflow which leads to failure in responding on time and ultimately brings dissatisfied customers.

On the other hand, customers are facing a hard time reaching the right agent to resolve an emergency issue. IVR is not helping and irate level is going up steadily.

A contact center wants to upgrade its software and resolve the problem of customer waiting but does not know what to do and how to approach it.

All of the above statements point to a certain level of inefficiency that many contact centers face at some point or another. In actuality, there is one simple solution that can resolve a major chunk of all these issues which is an ACD system or Automatic Call Distribution system.

Understanding the ACD System

An Auto Call Distribution (ACD) system can prove to be a contact center’s best buddy. Although initially common in telephone industry, today the ACD system is a necessity in any organization handling large volume of calls. It works automatically on the basis of few preset conditions by transferring specific calls to specific agents or teams.

This system can be crucial for any good call center software as it streamlines communication processes and makes operations more efficient. Some of its important benefits are:

  • Skill based routing: Incoming calls are routed to specific agents/departments on present criteria to facilitate better response and speedy resolution.
  • Immediate Response to High Value Callers: Certain callers are identified as VIP callers/high value callers based on certain pre-defined criteria. These callers are attended to first by skipping the regular flow with the help of ACD.
  • Call Back facility: An intelligent ACD system offers customer call back facility in which the customer can choose to have a call back instead of waiting in the call queue. This also works in case of tracking missed or abandoned calls by customers.

Call Center Efficiency & Handling Dynamic Calls

Nowadays, the calls that the call centers are receiving are more complex than before. This is because the present day customer is aware, knowledgeable and above all knows how to self-serve through the IVR.

There is a probability that the customer calls are more complex for which answers can only be sought through a call center agent and not just the IVR or website FAQs. Here the problems that may arise are more waiting time, calls transferred to wrong departments and call drops.

ACD system is precisely designed to avoid situations like above. Call distribution plans created by companies are focused on quick resolution and eliminating any communication pain points. This is done keeping in check business outcomes and efficient management of calls and agents to maximize resolution time.

This dynamic capability ensures that complicated calls or even irate customer calls are routed to the best agents in order to deliver super customer service in least amount of time.

Customer Data Centralization

ACD plans can work in normal conditions with customer input or present customer data; however it is has high possibility of failure if the data is not connected with specific and corresponding customer profile. ACD system needs to ensure that incoming calls are connected through a central database location which connects the call to the specific customer profile and communication history – before it is connected to an agent. This ensures first call resolution on basis of previous interaction history .

Biggest Gainers

A well planned ACD system is likely to benefit the busiest call centers where call volume is high and so is occupancy. Here customer service teams can create a self-service system for customers targeting most common queries/complaints. Or simply to route the calls to agents who are fast in resolving such simple queries.

Also, call centers with multiple locations will benefit from ACD’s central focus and managing high call volume with considerable ease as it will make easier to handle calls coming in from different locations while reducing hold times and call drops.

Call centers can work as efficiently as they want with the help of a well thought out ACD system. It will help them deliver the customer experience they want and maximize customer satisfaction score with a highly responsive customer service team.

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