Amalgamate Social Media with Contact Center for Social CRM

In the age of information, fast communication is a necessity in any kind of business. The internet has emerged as the most powerful vehicle of communication in the digitized age. From voice chats to videos and emails, quicker communication strategies have eliminated the constraints of distance and time, making communication paths simplified. The last decade has witnessed the increasing use of social media in business. A number of platforms on social media serve business firms, forming powerful tools of communication. Today, social media has expanded a lot, in terms of incorporation, from simply personal use to business platforms. Various organizations use social media for developing one-on-one contacts with its clients.

Through social media, companies can reach out to their customers in a more feasible and focused way. Feedback being an important part of every business, and social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. nurture the relationship between companies and their clients. With a number of communication channels available on the social media, companies can provide prompt solutions to their customers. This helps them to grow an impressive brand image.

However, you need to follow certain strategies while using social media in your business. Integrating social media into your business creates a more customer-friendly ambiance for your business. The companies need to integrate all communication forms in the organization. With an integrated communication strategy, you can cater to all customer requests/complaints/enquiries irrespective of the channel of interaction. A large section of the companies have already started using platforms like facebook, twitter etc. efficiently, while others are still striving to make optimum use of social media as a communication channel.

Organizations can keep a track of the sentiment of their customers, gauging their feelings through social media. They can also study the reaction of their customers, during any event or product launch, made by the organization. Social media has a tremendous potential to foster the relationship between companies and their customers. They can incorporate it as a powerful communication tool by integrating it with the contact center.

Integrating social media channels for communication in business will reduce the overhead costs of hiring multiple resources. Besides, business firms can respond to the needs of their customers in a more simplified process. They can engage large customer bases, with the integration of right communication channels. These channels also serve as an important mechanism to increase the sales of the company. It is time for business firms from all domains of the industry to embrace social media. This is one of the most effective communication channel, enhancing your marketing and branding strategies at the same time.

But as important as ‘social listening’ is the unified customer interaction management. Contact centers need to use a more unified approach with multi-level interaction through Voice, Video, Chat, Email, SMS and Social Media. Integrated technology solutions with real time monitoring capabilities and extensive reporting features will help in effective utilization of customer data collected over the social media. It can also be analysed to draw meaningful insights related to customer behavior and buying patterns. With a majority of gen y customers embracing social media in a big way, these channels can be instrumental in resolving customer complaints and enhancing customer service.

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