All You Need to Know About Contact Center Wallboard

What is a Contact Center Wallboard?

A contact center wallboard is a visual communication tool used to display real-time information related to contact center performance. In a contact center, a wallboard can be used to display timely data related to ticketing systems, ERP, Web content etc. You can display data in text, images, video or graphical format.
A contact center wallboard can help your contact center in increasing your customer satisfaction quota, agent retention, increasing revenue, and what not. But what is a wallboard? It is not a notice board or a pen board where you put up motivational messages to boost sales and productivity. It is a rather more technical tool which is meant to boost performance and productivity.


Overall, it is an effective tool to make your call center a more engaged and customer friendly space.

Data filtration and selectivity
On a contact center wallboard, you also have the option to filter out data as per business requirements and specifications. This gives you the access to real-time and threshold driven data. Thresholds enable proactive customer demand management, leading to improved service levels and reduced wait times for customers.

Customization – Business to business basis
Contact center wallboards are often customizable tools, which can cater to a lot of business specific requirements, allowing new display formats to be created easily to focus on individual, skill­-group queue, or team performance. The user interface enables unlimited thresholds to be configured against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that managers, team leaders and agents can be proactively alerted when there is a potential or actual issue within the contact center.

Contact center wallboard
Contact center wallboard is an effective analytical tool to view all key metrics at a glance in your contact/call center & optimize the efficiency.

Advantages of using a contact center wallboard

Using a wallboard has many advantages over not using one. The following benefits highlight some of the most common advantages:

  • Clearly communicate important information to everyone on floor, including agents, managers and supervisors
  • Enables contact center optimization
  • Increases your ROI, by enhancing productivity
  • Ensures that enough emphasis is laid upon customer satisfaction
  • Works well with other tools like CRM
  • A great tool for agents to manage customer care standards
  • ‘Audible Alerts’ make it even more catchy
  • Motivational alerts or specific mentions can boost agent productivity
  • A great tool to real-time performance monitoring
  • Web-based access, making it easy for a seamless integration

Thus, one can see the advantages of contact center wallboard. Hence, by incorporating it in the office is definitely going to be a smart move.

In a contact center, it is very important that your workforce work up to the mark of perfection without being lethargic or with diminished spirits. A contact center wallboard does exactly the same by giving you, as a manager, a bird’s eye view to proactively manage customer demands and agent’s performance.

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