7 key features of a contact center with work from home agents

Working remotely has been the talk of the town lately. The recent pandemic has changed how businesses used to work across the world. Working from home has been globally accepted and so far, has proven to be acceptably effective concerning business operations. However, some industries need extra attention in terms of hardware, software, and processes.

One such industry that has held every business stakeholder together is the contact center industry. Though the businesses have failed to realize and recognize its importance, the contact center industry has been extremely instrumental in streamlining communication across several stakeholders. Taking care of this responsibility requires some basic support system and a self-sustainable ecosystem that is backed by an agile software and reliable hardware. If you are associated with the contact center industry, you would understand how important it is to provide with necessary and required resources for the remote agents.

Here are 7 key features your contact center must-have for all remotely working agents:-

  1. Agile software

A robust and agile contact center software is a must-have in this over-loaded business scenario. Now that the contact centers are the face, voice, and soul of every business, among the most primary things that they need is a robust software that supports then intelligently. It must allow them to move swiftly and smoothly between processes and tabs to make the process smooth and seamless. A robust reliable software ultimately leads to a high conversion rate.

  1. Robust and reliable hardware

A computer system or cell phone, headphones, mic, and an extremely stable and reliable internet connection are some of the most basic things your remote agents need to get going and get productive. While a lot of companies provide for these things to their agents, the idea is to ensure that they have them even if they are self-acquired.

  1. Device Authentication

When agents are working from remote location their mobile phone can be used as an extension or the device to either receive or make the calls. To adhere to the compliances, the device should be authenticated with the help of OTP over a SMS or IVR at the time of login.

  1. CRM

The CRM/CIM where the agents capture the details of the customer needs to be customized and compatible to mobile screens in case if agents are using their mobile phones instead of computer. With computer desktops a full fledge CRM can be used as well.

  1. Call Routing channel or Automatic Call Distributor software

ACD or automatic call distributor software is one that receives the calls from the customers and routes them to respective agents depending upon their availability and or defined logics. This is essentially a telephony software that helps you manage the call routing among several agents.

The calls can be routed to different agents based on several parameters that can be customized with your telephony service provider. These can be agent expertise, customer history, query handling score, round robin etc.

  1. Call recording and monitoring

Call recording and monitoring go hand in hand. While the agents have a plethora of issues, complaints, and concerns to cater to, they might not be equally equipped for all. Recording the calls will allow you to understand and find out the gap for future training purposes and conduct a quality check. Also, if you are the manager, you can help your agents in real-time over a complex issue while the call is still on-going. This will increase the credibility and redressal multi-fold while reducing the TAT.

  1. Exhaustive analytics

Most importantly, having an all-inclusive analytics system can help you dive deep into the actual scenario and make out most of it. An insight into the calling pattern, most used words/ phrases, ensuring the right point of contact, objection handling, and right closing are some of the main milestones of call flow that the agents need to tap appropriately. Conducting an analysis over calls can help in accessing the actual scenario and train the agents for improved performance.


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