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In order to meet the needs of students as they switch from traditional channels to digital channels and adopt new technologies, universities, educational institutions ought to adapt their communication services accordingly. ID-Cloud, education call center software has AI-propelled engagement tools that automate operations and empowers them to connect with students across digital channels. Students can access information quickly and easily, as well as connect with educators and administrators, with ease.

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Empowering Universities and Educational Institutes with Seamless Communication

A comprehensive platform, Teckinfo’s contact center education solution for universities and educational institutes, assists in streamlining communication, enhancing student services, improving overall operational efficiency and enabling them to deliver exceptional experiences to students. It encompasses an array of communication channels, automation capabilities, and integration options to meet the diverse needs of these institutions. Having a comprehensive interaction framework, it enables students and staff to reach out through their preferred channels, facilitating communication across multiple channels viz:


Provides a traditional phone system integrated with IVR for routing calls efficiently.


Enables email communication for inquiries, support, and notifications.

Web and WhatsApp Chat

Enables real-time chat support for instant assistance.

SMS or WhatsApp Messaging

 For important notifications and reminders.

Social Media Integration

Monitor and manage communication on social media platforms.

Key Features of Inbound Call Center Solution

Why Choose ID Cloud Contact Center Solution for Education?

Whether you're striving to enhance student support, streamline administrative processes, or boost overall efficiency, we've got you covered. The solution is purpose-built for academic institutions, offering a wide range of features designed to address the specific challenges and opportunities in the education sector.

Key Features of Inbound Call Center Solution
  • Self-Service Options: AI enabled interactive voice response systems and other self-service options of contact center for education sector empowers students and faculty to perform common tasks, such as checking grades, registering for courses, or accessing information related to campus services. This reduces the burden on agents ensures round the clock support and enhances service efficiency.
  • Intelligent Routing: Using intelligent routing capabilities ensures inquiries are directed to the most suitable agent or department. This is achieved based on factors such as the type of query, language preference, and specific expertise required. It ensures efficient and effective issue resolution. Educators can add a personal touch to their call centres by utilizing sticky agents.
  • Automation and AI: Voice, chat, and WhatsApp bots empower education call centers to deliver personalized assistance to students and staff alike. Bots can give automated responses to frequently asked questions, assisting with course registration, and offering real-time support leading to reduce wait times, enabling 24x7 availability, allowing human agents to focus on more complex inquiries.
  • Integration Capabilities: CRM integration enables unified view of student information, e.g., academic history, course enrolment, and engagement data, to track and manage leads. Integration with student information system, academic software and other campus applications enable counsellors to access real-time data, schedules, registration information and provides context to better assist students.
  • Social Media Engagement: Universities and institutions can proactively manage their presence on social media by monitoring real-time social media mentions and inquiries, enabling swift responses to student and community queries. Education contact center solution aids in reputation management, fosters community engagement, and ensures a positive digital experience for all constituents.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Real-time monitoring and analytics allow institutions to track call volumes, wait times, first-call resolution rates, agent performance, communication trends communication trends and student satisfaction. Supervisors can generate reports and harness data-driven insights to improve services, make data-driven decisions to optimize service quality and operational efficiency.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: It is designed to scale with the institution's needs as it grows, accommodating increasing communication volumes. Agents can log in from anywhere. A number of deployment modes are available to institutions, including cloud, hybrid and on-premises. These modes provide organizations with significant flexibility, remote agent capabilities, and rapid deployment options.
  • Security and Compliance: Quality analysts and supervisors can review call recordings for quality assurance, compliance monitoring, and staff training. Our call center software for education adopts robust security measures, including number masking, encryption, user authentication and access controls, audit trails and secure data storage offer peace of mind to the institution and its stakeholders.
Key Features of Inbound Call Center Solution

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Advantages of Teckinfo’s Solution for Educational Institutes

Admissions and Enrolment

Streamline the admissions process, provide timely information to prospective students, and offer application support.

Appointment Scheduling

Enables scheduling of appointments for counselling and other services, sync with university calendars and staff availability for academic advising.

Administrative Support

Enhance efficiency with software solution for education contact center by centralizing administrative inquiries, including registration, billing, and general inquiries.

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Emergency Notifications

Quickly communicate important alerts and emergency notifications to keep your campus community safe and informed.

Student Services

Provide comprehensive student support services, from financial aid inquiries to housing assistance, all through a single contact point.

Our Commitment to Educational Excellence

At Teckinfo, we're dedicated to enhancing student’s experience through innovative communication solutions. Our education call center software empowers educational institutions to enhance user satisfaction, streamline operations, and provide excellent support services to students, faculty, and staff alike. It contributes to significantly enhancing the inquiry to conversion ratio for universities and educational institutes.

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    See Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a unified contact center solution for educational institutes?

    It is a centralized communication system that integrates various channels like phone, email, chat, WhatsApp and social media to facilitate efficient communication between the institution and students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.

    Benefits include improved communication, enhanced student support, streamlined administrative processes, better resource allocation, and data-driven decision-making.

    ID Cloud provides a single point of contact for student inquiries, registration, financial aid, academic advising, and tech support, leading to faster issue resolution and a better overall experience.

    Yes, our call centre software for universities and educational institutes can be scaled to accommodate growth, seasonal changes in enrolment and enhanced communication needs.


    Yes, integration with existing software like learning management and CRM systems is typically possible and recommended for a seamless experience.