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AOD / OBD / Voice Blast / Voice Broadcasting Software

With an unprecedented growth in the number of mobile phone users, for most organizations implementing an automated voice blast software (AOD/OBD) has become an inevitable part of their sales / support strategy. With its all-inclusive scope of making large volume / bulk voice calls, AOD has a very imperative role to play in reaching a large target audience in their language of choice for alerts & notifications. AOD / OBD not only works at reducing the risk of human error by automating repetitive calling to large groups of customers but also allows personalization of recorded messages that are passed onto customers on each call.

ID-Cloud Automated Outbound Dialer (AOD / OBD) is an automated voice broadcasting software that delivers pre-recorded voice messages to an entire contact list or a segmented list of your choice. Natural language processing (NLP) / natural language understanding (NLU) / Text–to–Speech (TTS) software converts the text into a voice message which is relayed when the call is answered. Automated Voice Blaster (AOD) is an across the board solution for making reminder calls for debt collections, sending alerts / notifications & appointment reminders, mass emergency notifications and alerts, tele-marketing campaigns, mass customer surveys and feedback calling, political campaigns, announce new products or services, relay company information and alerts to employees and many more other such processes. Our AOD solution can be integrated with a third party CRM system to deliver messages to any phone, any time.

Features of Auto Dialer Software

Automated calls for group notification

NLP / Pre-recorded voice messaging

Detect a live person pick up & busy tone

Interactive touch-tone / voice response

Scheduler for calls

Call status / response confirmation report

NLP / NLU / TTS technology supported

Multi-language support

Remote monitoring

Integrates with third party CRM’s

Customized message based on end user

Option to transfer call to live agent

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