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Who We Partner With


As a Microsoft Gold Software Development Partner; Teckinfo has continuously invested on training its Engineers on various Microsoft Products. These investments have helped Teckinfo to develop / customize Solutions for its Customer needs.


Teckinfo as a Digium Select Partner sells Telephony Interface Cards, Redundancy Appliances, Gateways, & Digium IP Phones - (when IP phones become available for India market). Teckinfo has built custom communication solutions on Asterisk platform for various business verticals viz. helpdesk, call centers & office communications. These components include ACD, IVR, AOD, Dialer, Voice Logger, and Supervisor & Reporting Tools.

Based on the above equities gained by us; Teckinfo is also a Certified Asterisk Integration Partner.

Synway Information Engineering Co. Ltd.

Teckinfo has built solutions that are compatible withSynway Telephony Interface Cards viz; Synway FXM Series Analog Telephony Cards, Synway TEJ Series Digital Telephony Cards; Passive Digital / Analog Voice Logging Cards.

Donjin Communication Technology Co. Ltd.

Teckinfohas builtIVR solutions for large volume inbound call handling and for Virtual Call connect based on Donjin’s Keygoe multi-media switches.

Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd

Teckinfohas over the years partnered withPanasonic & its Channel Partners in India to offer Call Centre Solutions for IP PBX based Panasonic TDA / TDE & NS Series PBX appliances from Panasonic. Teckinfo offers IVR Solutions, IP Voice Logger, Call Monitoring Solutions, and Dialer Solutions (both inbound & outbound) for IP based Panasonic NS 300 & NS 1000 Series IP-PBX appliances.

Matrix Comsec

Matrix Comsecis a leading manufacturer of VoIP products such as IP-PBX, IP-Servers, VoIP Gateways and IP Phones. The global customer base of Matrix VoIP solutions ranges from leading manufacturing enterprises, corporate and hotels to various size call centers. To further strengthen the position in the call center industry, Matrix Comsec has tested and integrated the range of IP-PBX and VoIP gateways with the contact center solutions from Teckinfo, India.

To capitalize on the capabilities of Matrix products at the fullest Matrix Comsec also tested other stand-alone solutions from Teckinfo such as messaging software, voice logger, etc. so that customers can generate more revenues from the single investment in Matrix VoIP products.