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WhatsApp Customer Service for enhanced customer experience

WhatsApp has become a very popular channel for businesses to connect with their clients. More & more businesses are adopting this channel of communication for their enquiries & support management .Integration of WhatsApp for customer service in contact center software enables organizations to send & receive information in different media formats like video, pdf’s , plain text , image formats etc .

InterDialog WhatsApp chat enables you to directly chat with the customer, personalizing the chat and assisting clients for a quick resolution. The two-way communication can be used to share information, intimate about an offer, generate tickets & for reminders etc.

WhatsApp Bot is creating chat bots on the popular encrypted messaging app WhatsApp. InterDialog ‘s WhatsApp Bot enables you to embark on conversational commerce and manage customer issues. You get to provide your customers with support on a popular platform they use and are familiar with.

WhatsApp for Business can be used for

Appointment Reminders

Shipping Alerts

Order Notifications

Product Demonstration videos

Verification Codes

Boarding Passes

Two way customer surveys

Customer onboarding

Help desk Ticketing

WhatsApp Customer Support elevates customer experience

Personalize the conversation

Intelligent routing

Multiple concurrent chat sessions

Easy text and media sharing

Ticket generation

Self-service options

Scheduled canned messages

Multilingual chats

Chat history

Chat Bot Integration

Analyze engagement

End to end encryption

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