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Teckinfo's Automated Outbound Dialer (AOD) is an automated outbound voice messaging service that delivers pre- recorded voice messages to an entire contact list or a segmented list of your choice. With an unprecedented growth in the number of mobile phone users, for most organizations implementing an Automated Voice Blasting Solution (AOD) has become an inevitable part of their marketing strategy. With its all-inclusive scope of making large volume / bulk voice calls, AOD has a very imperative role to play in reaching a large target audience in their own language.

Automated Voice Blaster (AOD)is an across the board solution for making reminder calls for debt collections, sending alerts / notifications & appointment reminders, mass emergency notifications and alerts, tele-marketing campaigns, mass customer surveys and feedback calling, political campaigns, announce new products or services, relay company information and alerts to employees and many more other such processes. Teckinfo’s AOD solution can be integrated with a third party CRM system to deliver messages to any phone, any time.

AODnot only works at reducing the risk of human error by automating repetitive calling to large groups of customers but also allows personalization of recorded messages that are passed onto customers on each call. Text–to–Speech (TTS) software converts the entered text in the message designer, into a voice message which is relayed when the call is answered.


  • Automatic phone calls for group notification
  • Pre-recorded voice message by system
  • Detect a live person pick up & busy tone
  • Interactive touch-tone confirmation and voice response
  • Call until confirm in emergency or escalation process
  • Easy-to-use spread sheet with feature to schedule future calls
  • Call status and response confirmation report displayed immediately after the call
  • Message designer including text-to-speech technology allows personalized messages for each phone call Work with Voice over IP
  • Remote access capability allows you to run and check the program from a remote location
  • Command Line Interface provided for custom integration


  • Automation of repetitive outbound calls to skill based routing where the agents are could belong to multiple groups
  • Customization of messages that are passed on during the course of the call by providing the messaging designer and text-to-speech (TTS) converter.
  • Spreadsheets and reports can be created and customized to compare statistics, schedule future calls and maintain a track record.
  • Remote access capability allows the programs to be run from any given location

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  • Teckinfo did an amazing job and we wholeheartedly recommend them to all colleagues and associates.A team full of cutting-edge talent, dedication and passion for providing converged voice and data solutions......
    Mr. Ali Moidu - Dubai Technologies

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  • After Experimenting with many solution providers we selected Teckinfo's InterDialog UCCS. We have been very pleased with the solution and support. We recommend Teckinfo as an efficient and customer oriented partner for all contact center requirements......
    Nicholas Ng'ang'a, IT Director, Horizon Contact Centers Ltd

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  • We will give them the highest star rating on their product's stability, versatility, scalability and ease of use, speed to deliver and service.We recommend Teckinfo to all such businesses who need a lifetime strong technology partner......
    Abhinav Arora, Director & CEO, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions

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  • We are very pleased with our decision to use InterDialog. The product is excellent and the support outstanding......
    Nitin Sawhney - LWCCS

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  • "Teckinfo's state of the art product helped us scale up our business operations."
    Subhash Palsule, Director, Panalinks

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    Deepak Malhotra, Dee Call Solutions

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  • "Teckinfo products & solutions are flexible, scalable & extremely user friendly."
    Mohan Lal

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  • "Smart & Advance features of Teckinfo Dialer(products) helped us provide unmatched customer experience to our clients. We look forward to doing many more projects with Teckinfo."
    Nitin Sawhney, Live Wire Contact Center

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  • "We have been very pleased with the solution and support and have been constantly increasing the number of seats based on our ever-increasing business requirements. We recommend Teckinfo Solutions as an efficient and customer oriented partner for all Contact Center requirements."
    Sushanth Raghavan, Senior Manager
    Operations - Phone & Dialer Systems

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  • "Smart & Advance features of Teckinfo Dialer (products) helped us provide unmatched customer experience to our clients. We look forward to doing many more projects with Teckinfo."
    Pace Setters Business Solutions Private Limited

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