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Video Contact Center Software

Today the whole world is changing and adapting to the new normal. Contact centers also need to change how they communicate with their customers. Today chat & video have become the most used channels for communication. Video contact center software enables organization to have face to face interactions with end users.

ID-Cloud video call center solution chat opens a new channel for customer service that enhances the customer experience to a level of face to face meeting. Video Channel in a contact center can be used for sales demos, KYC or supporting customers for new installations or ticket generation for their issues. Video chat makes easier for the agents to understand the customer queries or issues and assisting them then & there with the solution.


Smart video chat over low internet bandwidth 

Quick transfer from chat to video chat

Easy screen and document Sharing

Quick customer satisfaction survey  

Agent screen and voice recording

Video retrieval for quality monitoring

Highly secure

Real time support

Provide first call resolution

Deliver finest end user experience

Easily up sell and cross sell

Save time & money spent on physical meetings

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