Contact Center Twitter Integration
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Twitter Integration in Omni-channel Contact Center

Integrating social media channels for communication in business will reduce the overhead costs of hiring multiple resources. Besides, business firms can respond to the needs of their customers in a more simplified process. Social media channels e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc. serve as an important mechanism to increase the sales of the company. It is time for business firms from all domains of the industry to embrace social media. This is one of the most effective communication channel, enhancing your marketing and branding strategies at the same time.

InterDialog Unified Contact Center Software with social media connectors can help your agents handle comments or tweets being done on your company’s social media pages ..

Contact Center Twitter Integration helps in

Social media queue management

Social listening

Timely response

Larger customer connect

Better customer engagement

Omni-channel customer experience

How does the Twitter integration with contact center work?

Twitter plug-in

Intelligent routing

Agent pop-up with tweets

Structured Agent reply on tweets

Integration with company’s twitter page

Auto reply on respective media page

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