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Via SMS - SMS Alert System

Via SMS is sms based solution that includes sms alert system & sms query system which is developed by Teckinfo Solutions to pass on information and communicate with customers in a time efficient and target specific manner. It is used to pass on useful information such as booking and payment details, payment reminders, updates on special deals or offers, etc. in the form of text messages on the customers’ mobile phones. It targets customers based on the contacts and groups in an address book that is maintained and updated in an organization’s database.
Via SMS can also use to get business sms, promotional sms, text message alert, sms reminder, bulk sms, sms alert service etc. Via SMS is flexible enough to be integrated with the systems of organizations belonging to various fields such as the hospitality industry, the education industry, the health industry, automobile industry etc. This tool will put your business where it matters the most – right in your customers’ hands!


  • Two way SMS Communication using GSM Modem or One way (out bound) using Internet SMS Gateway
  • User Configurable research based on Key words in the Message
  • Individual & Global Address book maintenance with import/export of Address books
  • DNS List Maintenance with import/export of DNS list
  • Integration with external applications & databases like ERP, CRM etc.
  • Built in Email integration for automatic dual routing
  • Network configurable to tackle multiple devices & applications

Advantages of using Via SMS :

  • Automation of SMS contact with the customers reduces the requirement of human intervention, thus making the system regular and efficient
  • Via SMS can be used for various verticals within an organization such as Tech Support (for updates on cases logged), Collections Department (for updates on pending payments), etc
  • Makes communications cost and environment friendly as the tool uses one of the cheapest modes of passing messages and effectively cuts down the usage of paper, such as brochures and pamphlets
  • Improve the quality of customer contact as the SMSs are sent out to intelligently selected groups of customers, to maximise the impact of the communications
  • Increase revenue by proactively targeting customers , expanding up-sell & cross-sell opportunities & prioritizing your most valued customers