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Galaxy is a CRM Software that includes helpdesk software, lead generation software & project management software with ticket generator. Help desk software effectively & efficiently manages customer complaints, keeping in mind the need for a central control center so that your organization can provide quality service to its customers. It acts as a single point for identification of problems reported / detected and resolution of the problems, streamline processes and help improve the efficiency of the employees, etc.

Galaxy is equipped with various features that facilitate communications with customers and handle the various functions of a CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management. It has a dashboard so that key metrics are just a glance away. All the customer, vendor, dealer details are collated and stored so as to create a database for furthering your business. Cases and documents are logged and information is stored by the complaint management software for future training and tracking purposes.

Since it is web-based helpdesk solution, Galaxy is highly economical and requires a minimum number of resources to install and run it. It integrates very easily with organizations belonging to any field and also with any verticals within an organization. It also facilitates an option for seamless integration with CTI, IVR, Automatic Outbound Dialing, SMS, Email and Chat Technologies


  • Dashboard: Graphical display provides key metrics at a glance in a single view with flexibility to customize it as per user requirements.
  • Account Management: Create & manage customers, vendors, dealers, service providers & other business entities with respect to demographic data, contractual documentation & other business information.
  • Contact Management: Create & manage contacts across accounts & define appropriate hierarchy to view & track information in the system. This helps to track & send notifications.
  • Case Management: Create & manage categorized case tickets for analysis which helps in assignment, prioritization with regards to the customer inventory, contract & products.
  • Document Management: Upload documents like product brochures, installation guides or any other such associated document to your accounts, cases, contacts etc.
  • Task Management with Appointment & Reminders: Create & manage tasks for users to work on account / case / document or product. Inbuilt appointment functionality helps schedule these tasks based on user workload through the inbuilt calendar.
  • Escalations: Ensure prompt responses by both assignees & customers.
  • Customer Product Inventory Management: Create & mange customer product inventory for service management
  • Operation Schedule & Time Zone Management: Adjust time calculations based on your operating schedule & server/user time zone discrepancies.
  • Embedded Images & Skill Based: Use rich text options to embed image files, format, spell check text, as well as insert tables & hyperlinks with cases & emails
  • User Definable Views: Customizable variety of output & sorting options to search, save & share issue criteria.
  • Service Level Agreements: User definable option to set & monitor customer support levels.
  • Email / SMS Notifications: Keep customers, assignees, case owners & other involved parties updated through email & SMS through inbuilt alert popup.
  • Templates for Email: Create & manage templates to send out consistent pre-formatted emails with support for personalized email signature.
  • Post it: An individual can post information / views. This may be viewed by other users & one may reply to the same.
  • Chat: Give online interface to your portal for Chat to your customers. Also useful for internal user chat.
  • Reports: Customizable variety of reports to analyze the business.


  • The ability to integrate this system not only with organizations from different fields but also various verticals within an organisation such Tech Support (for updates on cases logged), Collections Department (for updates on pending payments), etc.
  • Galaxy comes with a very user friendly and cost effective setup. The system can be ready-for-use within a couple of days. Its requirement of minimum resources ensures that initial investment is as low as the returns are high.
  • Galaxy acts as the central point for detection and resolution of problems, thus helping to improve the efficiency of the processes that take place within the organization, by identifying and resolving problem areas within each process, automating processes to reduce human intervention and storing and providing important data to agents.
  • Various features like Queue Monitoring, Auto Ticketing, that have been included in Galaxy are designed to help your business by issuing alerts and ensuring that resolutions and responses are provided to customers on schedule.

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