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Connect & Collect- Debt Collection Software

Organizations be it banks, NBFC’s or any other, need to ensure that debts owed to them are collected in time. Keeping in mind today’s cut throat business & economic environment, automation of debt collection is critical to ensure / maintain sustained financial stability and growth. By automating the entire collection process, the need for the system to keep details of debt balances, payment due dates, and other relevant information is greatly diminished and reduces the inefficiency in the process.

Connect & Collect, built on the InterDialogUCCS platform, is a complete debt collection software that automates the debt collection process. With intelligent outreach, better connect rates& bucketization, it helps to handle and manage the collection tasks efficiently.

Automate Debt Recovery

 Complete Automation

Multichannel Contact

Multiple Dialing Modes

Intelligent Routing

Advance Outreach Logics

 Customer Prioritization

Customer Buckets

AI based Bot

Live Agent Monitoring

100% Recording

Security Compliance

Integration with Backend Applications

Maximize Debt Collection

Payment Reminders

Advance Outreach

Better Connect Rates

Enhanced Agent Efficiency

Collection Analysis

Increased Collections

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