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Contact Center Wallboard

A contact center wallboard is a visual communication tool used to display real-time information related to contact center performance. In a contact center, a wallboard can be used to display timely data related to ticketing systems, ERP, Web content etc. You can display data in text, images, video or graphical format.

A  contact center wallboard  can help your contact center in increasing your customer satisfaction quota, agent retention& increasing revenue . It is a technical tool which is meant to boost performance and productivity while displaying the technical analytics.

View all key metrics using Call Center Wallboard

Runs on Smart TV’s / Displays

Display images/data/graphs/videos

Display in grid format

Browser based display

Integrate with any database / CRM

Easy configuration of wallboard

Multi language support

Web interface/ API’s

Display relevant information in different zones

Improve communication flow to teams on floor

A great tool to monitor SLA

Improve quality of service (QoS) & efficiency

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