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Real Estate - Call Center Solution

The Indian real estate sector has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last few years and is expected to grow further in the coming years. Demand for commercial / residential property is being driven by urbanization & increasing household income. Emergence of nuclear families and growing urbanization has given rise to several townships. With a number of commercial & housing infrastructure projects being planned / launched, choice to the people has increased giving rise to stiff competition.

Therefore it is imperative that real estate companies adopt the best lead generation techniques & ensure that all leads are captured properly into the system and followed up diligently for high conversion ratio. Teckinfo has the right solution for the real estate industry, its popular InterDialog UCCS (call center solution for real estate), an efficient and effective tool for Lead Management; especially tailored for the real estate vertical.

With a multi-million advertisement blitz carried out by all major industry players over a variety of medium, be it print, digital, television etc. necessitates a comprehensive lead capture and management, using a real estate contact center software, that can address customer needs in the shortest period of time.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • You can capture & manage every lead you receive resulting in a quantum increase in the number of leads addressed & closed with a direct & positive impact on return on investment for your Lead generation program(s). Answer questions about properties over the phone, based on listings & information sought by the customer.
  • Central information center can act as a business hub for satellite offices. Also through the virtual call patching option all calls can land at a single location and then can be patched to the satellite offices or the field sales executive thereby ensuring that all customer calls are monitored and leads transferred to each of the satellite offices or the field sales executive are tracked & followed up for closure.
  • You can set appointments for property showings. While your field marketing staff is out showing properties or finalizing paperwork, a real estate call center guarantees that someone is always available to answer any questions about properties or other topics of concern.
  • You can even assign each property its own telephone number with recorded property details and an invitation to stay on the line to speak to a real estate agent. This service can also be bypassed if desired to give your prospects the option to speak to a realtor directly.
  • Track which media / which campaigns are bringing more revenue & leads & which media / which campaigns bringing in less revenue.
  • Lead Management
  • Single/Multi Level Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Patching to Property Specialists
  • Tracking Source of Leads
  • Web Call back for enquiries through web portal
  • Instant Call Back for Email enquiries
  • End to End Call Tracking
  • Voice Recording for Quality
  • Call Back option to ensure 100% contact
  • Extensive and Comprehensive Reporting
  • Efficient and Centralized Customer interaction
  • Streamline Business Process
  • Quick Response Time for Client Requests
  • Direct & Positive impact on ROI on Advertising Investments
  • Set Appointments for Property Showings
  • Easy Track on Source of Leads