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Ambulance Services - Call Center Solution

Today ambulance services are an important part of the government’s healthcare program for the people of the state / country as a whole. Ambulances services are being run to a large extent by charitable organization in PPP (public–private partnership) mode or the state governments under various healthcare programs. Most hospitals are unable to provide ambulance services to the public at large as a major chunk of the investments go towards developing other in-house medical services. Therefore, they depend on independent ambulance services organizations to transport patients to the nearest healthcare facility.

Terms like 'The Golden Hour' and the 'Platinum Ten Minutes' imply the importance of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) all over the world. It is a well-accepted fact that a patient who receives basic care from trained professionals and is transported to the nearest healthcare facility within 15-20 minutes of an emergency has the greatest chance of survival.

Essentially ambulance services have to be an extremely coordinated exercise with a capability to address the large demographical network and quick response time. As soon as the organization gets a call, the ambulance services organization have a complex task to collect all necessary patient details, including patient’s location and classify the type of emergency viz: into Medical, Police & / or Fire and then notify the nearest unit / ambulance handling it to reach the patients location at the earliest. This can be achieved using an ambulance services contact center software.

Teckinfo’s award winning call center solution for ambulance services is a unified communication system that has been built to address the critical process requirements of ambulance services organizations.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Modular, Scalable & Reliable
  • Personalized & effective interaction that gives a worthwhile experience to the caller / patient
  • Rapid implementation enabling operation of multi-channel Contact
  • Fulfillment of inbound, outbound, blended & multimedia contact management requirements
  • Minimize Operating Costs
  • Timely medical care at nearest and appropriate healthcare facility to the patient(s)
  • Greater confidence of the people in public health services
  • Better security and safety of patients during transportation