Scalability in Call Center
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Scalability in Contact Center

Today with customer expectations being all time high, companies need to invest in a Contact Center Software that is future proof and easily scalable.

InterDialog is highly scalable and can be deployed in a number of ways to suit all kinds of requirements. Single setup with or without redundancy, multiple telephony with single CTI, multiple telephone with multiple CTI and hosted are all possible with our product. We have proven and demonstrable setups all across the globe.

Highly Scalable Contact Center Software

Supports 10000 SIP channels

Max 3500 Agents / 700 per CTI

16 Telephony servers & 5 CTI servers

NDB cluster with 5 nodes

Supports large number of agents

Supports Multiple Telephony

Multiple CTI with centralized database

Remote telephony with centralized CTI

Centralized reporting / recording server

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