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Why Contact Centers Need to Integrate Social Media With Their Call Center Software for Seamless Customer Experience

Contact Centers need to integrate social media

It is impossible to deny the role social media plays in today‚Äôs business scenario. Although still considered as mainly a B2C marketing and communication channel, social media can also be effectively used to build business strategy and a unique customer service tool if appropriately used. There have been studies that show many customers prefer social […]

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Amalgamate Social Media with Contact Center for Social CRM

In the age of information, fast communication is a necessity in any kind of business. The internet has emerged as the most powerful vehicle of communication in the digitized age. From voice chats to videos and emails, quicker communication strategies have eliminated the constraints of distance and time, making communication paths simplified. The last decade […]

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Trending Technologies that are Disrupting Customer Services

Many smart service providers are increasingly making use of technology to steer their customer service in the right direction. With rapid expansion into digital space and revolutionary IT applications, several businesses have streamlined their processes using contact center software and new age AI technology. From the time that customers endured the IVR to the template […]

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How Email & Social Media Are Becoming The Preferred Channels Of Communication For Customer Service?

Customer service is a much-valued department for every organization. Business firms across the world are increasingly using social media to reach out to their customers. Social media channels, like Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest have penetrated deep into the lifestyle of the masses throughout the world. The business leaders keep monitoring the social presence of […]

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