Month: October 2018

How government and other social agencies can reach out to people for political campaigns, social campaigns, for surveys or for any other scheme

Use of call center technology by corporate world or business communities is an established fact. It has helped business community to effectively reach out to customers and shape positive brand perception. Organizations are able to communicate with the customers, get feedback on their product and services thereby using the information gathered to define the roadmap […]

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Self Service IVR and its role in Customer Service

The advent of technology has simplified human life to an extent where you don’t even need to have a conversation with someone to get your job done. Few simple instructions and that’s it! You get it all. Wondering how? Numerous companies offering diverse products and services get connected with their customers through customer care centers […]

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Important Metrics to Measure Up your Contact Center’s Performance

A contact center is a business’s backbone that facilitates first level interaction between the company and a customer. Being on the frontline, contact centers have to brave through many challenges that accompany customer service. In fact, many studies suggest that customer service affects brand loyalty considerably. A contact center isn’t just about answering customer calls, […]

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