AI based customer service bots
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Chat Bot, Voice Bot, WhatsApp Bot to assist customers virtually

Bots are becoming increasing popular with evolving technology and are being adopted across verticals for round the clock customer service. Bots or virtual agents, be it voice bot, chat bot or WhatsApp bot , are a great option for cost effective customer support.

InterDialog UCCS with its AI based bots helps organizations in manpower optimization & elevating the customer experience . With NLP & NLU (natural language processing & understanding), our bots can do intent mapping & take the customer service to new heights. If need be the conversation with virtual agent can be transferred to a human agent for omni-channel customer experience.

AI powered Chatbot, Voicebot, Messaging Bots Capabilities

Humanize the interaction with machine learning

Integrated with CRM

Send & receive files

NLP enabled bots

Multi-language support

Customized call flows

Higher FCR

Faster resolutions

Personalize the conversation

Cost optimization

Easy transfer to live agents

Seamless customer service

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